Friday, October 13, 2017

Travel Mini Album │ Portland

A few weeks ago I shared a brief glimpse into a travel mini album that I made so today I wanted to share the whole thing with you. Last month my Mom and I took a trip to Portland for a few days. Its a relatively short flight for me being in California and my Mom lives in Oregon so it was the perfect place for us to meet up for a little getaway.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links below. There is no additional cost to you if you use these links.

This album came together super quickly which is always a bonus for a mini album. The longer they take the less I want to make them so tackling these kinds of small and quick projects is totally my jam these days. Links to all the places I visited will be at the end of this post.

While my Mom and I were out shopping we stopped into one of my favorite Portland stores, Oblation Papers & Press. This store has a working letterpress inside and its always fun to watch them work. While I was there I picked up a super cool folded envelope from the company Envelopments that I thought would be a great page for my upcoming December Daily® album. However, the more I looked at it the more I also thought it would be a great cover for a mini album. I will share a detailed diagram of how I made the cover below but I wanted to make sure I shared where my cover inspiration came from. These envelopes are beautifully made and the shimmery gold envelope I bought is so pretty.

Here's a look at the folded up complete album. I love how contained it is and I can totally see myself replicating this system again for sure.

Inside the front cover and inside the pocket are typed up journaling notes for each day of our trip. This is something I've done for several mini albums in the past and I like to have my notes in one central area of the album so I can look back on them years from now and read all of the detail. I don't typically like to do heavy journaling inside mini albums and this is a way for me to do that without having to do all the journaling on each page.

Here you can also see what the base of the album is. Its super simple. I used 10 sheets of plain white cardstock that I cut down to roughly 10x7 inches. I used my We R Memory Keepers score board to score down the middle of each of the sheets and then used my long arm stapler to staple the pages in the middle. I did trim up the edges so they were all even using a rotary cutter. This part of the process is hard with the cardstock and its typically easier to do when its just paper.

For the cover of the actual album I used stamps from Kelly Purkey Shop, the hexagon stamp is from the Home Sweet Home kit stamp set and the alpha is the Lexington Alpha Stamp. The ink colors I used are Hero Arts Shadow Ink in Lime Green and Studio Calico Color Theory ink in Clear Blue.

In the Kelly Purkey shop latest release she had a stamp set in her Admit One Travelers Notebook kit that you can use to make custom tickets. There was also a companion alpha stamp to give you even more customization options. For the album I made a ticket for each travel day and clipped them to one of the photos. I love how these tickets turned out and I loved how they looked clipped to the photo. I replicated that a few more times in the album because I love interactive elements in my mini albums, even if its just a lift and reveal type item. I find that the more you have to interact with the album the more you will actually slow down and look at all of it.

The carpet at the PDX airport is pretty famous. Sadly the original carpet was all torn out and replaced a few years ago but its always a fun photo op when you pass thru that airport. The element on my photo on the left was added thru the Instagram Stories geo tag feature and I loved it so I made sure to add it to my photo and save it while I was there. On the right I clipped an image of the carpet to an image of the state of Oregon to creating a clipping mask. I printed it out and fussy cut around it and used some pop dots to elevate it off the page. I added in a simple title using Kelly Purkey's 4x6 White Mini Alpha Stickers. I love these stickers!! A must have item in my stash for sure.

I typically like to be fairly consistent with my mini albums so if I do something for one day, I will do the same thing again for the next day. I decided to type up on a simple sheet of note pad paper all of the things we did that day so I didn't have to do a lot of individual journaling and I love how they turned out. I added in more stamping using the Lexington Alpha stamp set and added in some washi tape in coordinating colors. I didn't worry too much about my typing being perfect. That's not typically how I roll but for this I just let it happen, mistakes and all. On the right side I dressed up my photo with a stamp from Kelly's Home Sweet Home kit. I loved how the sentiments on that stamp set could be used for travel photos too.

The best thing about the Ace Hotel in Portland is the way the rooms are decorated. They are so unique and cool and provided lots of photo opportunities. I layered a bit of paper from the notepad they leave in the room and added more stamping from the Home Sweet Home kit directly on my photo. I wanted to share several photos from the hotel but I didn't want to dedicate a lot of pages to the mini album so I stacked several and stuck them down with washi tape so you could flip thru the photos.

Here's a super cute pic of my super cute Mom at lunch at Deschutes. The coaster is just stuck down to the page and the stamp I used is an older stamp from Kelly Purkey, its all about beer so that one gets used a lot. The Mom stamp is also Kelly's but it has also been discontinued. And yes I wrote the wrong date, ugh.

Powell's Books is always worthy of a stop and the shelves and shelves of books are so fun to look thru. The bookmark I added to my page is old it was from a trip I took a few years ago but I used it because it was orange and it matched that rubber piece from an old Studio Calico kit.

We went to the movies at a super cool theatre by the hotel and I didn't really take any pictures but I saved the tickets and printed a photo from online of the movie poster. The stamps are older Kelly Purkey stamps.

The start of Wednesday's adventures with a repeat of the page above. That mural by the artist Faith47 is always a must to walk by and snap a picture of. Stunning.

I saved all of the bags I got if I made a purchase and cut down all that I could to use as bases for either photos to be clipped or in this case a business card. Alder & Co. is such a beautiful store. The flowers are always amazing. I added in a simple chipboard element and puffy sticker to my photo. Nice and simple.

Another interactive photo flip for a stop at Schoolhouse Electric. Serious home inspo at this place, my Mom loved it.

We couldn't visit The Collage store location that I wanted to because it was being renovated but we met the owner and she directed us to another location. It was a super fun store to walk thru. A simple little flip element added because I wanted to save the screen shot from my facetime session with the family. I was soaking wet which you cant really see in the photo but I will always remember getting caught in the rain when I see that photo years from now.

Added in a simple image of something I bought while I was at Collage and a postcard of a rainy Portland.

You have to eat at Cheese and Crack if you go to Portland. Especially if your an hors d'oeuvre lover, its finger food at its finest. Adding some simple stamping to the photo and a little puffy heart to keep it simple.

I saved a few of the lobby photos to add to other pages and here is one I took from the loft landing looking down on the common space. 

Blue Star Donuts is better than Voodoo if you are looking for something a bit more gourmet. I still love Voodoo for the offbeat and fun take on traditional donuts but my Mom wanted to try something new so Blue Star won this trip. More photo stamping with word strips and a puffy star for embellishment.

Clipped business cards is my new jam. 

There's a really cool app called This. and I love how you can label photos with it. I mimiced that look on my own in Photoshop so I could label the donut flavors on my pic. The Lemon Poppyseed is the BEST if you are curious. The Stumptown Coffee is pretty damn good too.

Oblation Paper is the place I mentioned above where I bought the inspo envelope. Please visit this place if you ever end up in Portland. They have really lovely cards and paper goods.

They also have a collection of really cool typewriters and you get to watch them Letterpress while you shop.

Porch Light is a place I had never been and it ended up being one of my favorite stops. They gave out super cute printed cards that you can see peeking out that listed all the near by local stores, restaurants and coffee shops, etc. I love how they wanted to share the love to other places, good on them. On a side note I've never bought a bottle of perfume on vacation before but from now on this scent will always remind me of Portland.

On the last day I hardly took any photos but I did get a photo of me and Mom to add in to the book.

For the very last page I added in an image I took when I got home of some of the treasures I brought home. Flat lay images are super fun and I think I'll do this on every trip going forward. Its a fun way to include those mementos.

That's it for the album contents. I really love how this one turned out, and I know I always say that but I really do love it.

Since I had already put together my album I recreated it for you so I could share how it came together. Its a lot easier than it may seem. The first thing you need to decide is what size you want the inside album to be. I wanted the pages of my album to be 5x7 so I knew that the outside cover need to be larger than that to fold over the finished album.

3 - 12x12 sheets of cardstock
Clear Velcro dots

Because my album cover was going to be wider than 12" when open I needed to create the cover in two parts. I did the measurements based off of my 5x7 album and here is what I used. The front left flap of the album is 10 1/2" wide by 7 5/16" tall. I scored two lines from 5" in to the left edge leaving a 1/2" gap between. The original cover I made that you see in the images above only had 1/4" scored lines and it ended up being too tight when the album was done so I replaced it with this one that I'm showing here. You need to account for the thickness of the completed book which I didn't realize would be as thick as it was when I was done.

For the front right side of the cover you need to cut a piece of cardstock 9" wide by 7 5/16" tall and score two more lines from 5" in that are spaced 1/2" apart. I also cut an angle into the front flap like the envelope sample I was using. You can also leave it straight, its up to you.

For the pocket you need to cut a piece that is roughly the same size as the inside front but add in about 1/2" around the edge that you can cut and score so you have something to adhere down.

When its time to assemble you place Cover Part B on top of Cover Part A lining up the left edge of Cover Part B with the right hand scored line of Cover Part A. Fold the edges of your pocket down, add adhesive to the under side and line up the edges.

One the album is complete add in the velco dots and close up the album. I added in a piece of flare on top of the outer cover just to create a closure. I removed the pin portion of the flare and used three layers of foam tape to stick it down. Its holding up beautifully so I don't think it will pop off.

I've been asked to also share some of my favorite Portland Places so I wanted to list them here for you too.

Places to Stay
The Ace Hotel Portland

Places to Eat
Cheryl's on 12th, great for a quick breakfast
Jake's Seafood, Super old school with great Bar service
Piazza Italia, make a reservation
Blue Star Donuts
Stumptown Coffee, sip a cup in Ace Lobby and people watch, so fun.
Clyde Common, in the Ace Hotel for drinks
Cheese and Crack
Salt & Straw 
Deschutes Brewery

Places to Shop
Oblation Paper and Press
Porch Light
Powell's Books
Alder & Co.
Made Here PDX
Schoolhouse Electric Company
Lark Press
Ecru Modern Stationer

If you made it this far, you get a GOLD MEDAL! Thanks for being here. I appreciate you.
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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Featuring Kelly Purkey Shop │ September Release

The days are flying by and the temps are finally starting to cool off a bit. Cool off meaning we aren't getting above 93° oof. I did have a chance recently to travel up to Portland, OR with my mom and I've already started a mini album for the trip as you will see below. The temps were very fall like up there and we even got caught in a downpour. It definitely made me crave some cooler temps and all the fall things.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links below. There is no additional cost to you if you use these links.

In other non weather related news, the shop update at Kelly Purkey Shop went live today. And if you are craving more time at home with your coffee and slippers and maybe even a blanket or two the main kit, Home Sweet Home is going to be perfect for you. I wanted to capture what life is looking like right now for us in our outside living space so I decided to capture it in my Travelers Notebook. I combined the main kit stamp set along with the Admit One Travelers Notebook kit for this spread.

The papers in the Admit One kit are so pretty. I'm really loving this mustard yellow color right now and seeing it in a kit made me super happy. I used the sheet of paper as my base and balanced the stamping and the photo on each side. I love the sentiments of the stamps in this kit. I love how they aren't just for your home but homes away from home too.

I wanted to add in a bold title for the spread and used the new Lexington Alpha stamp set for this. I love a good outline font and I love that there is now a really great serif option too.

My second project is a mini album for the trip to Portland that I took with my Mom that I mentioned above. I always love to make mini albums for trips and this one came together super fast which is always a plus.

I really loved the hexagon shapes in the Home Sweet Home stamp set and knew that I wanted to make a pattern with them. Initially I had thought I was going to use the solid shape but when I was playing around trying to decide what to do I ended up loving the outline on its own. I just cut out the center sentiment which I can always add back in if I wanted to. I love the way the shapes interlock. Its such a cool stamp and can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be. I love the outline stamps paired with the Lexington alpha stamp set. A nice clean simple cover, just the way I like it.

I made sure to incorporate the Admit One stamp set into my album by making up mock plane tickets to clip inside the album. I love that there is an additional Admit One stamp set that coordinates so that you have even more options for customization. These basic alphas and numbers will get used for a lot of other things besides tag making.

I used the Lexington Alpha stamp set again here to label my pages of the mini and added in quite a few of the sentiments from the Home Sweet Home stamp set on the pages that talk about the hotel.

I'll have an in depth look at the whole mini album coming soon so stayed on the look out for that. I'm almost done editing all the pictures.

The only other stamp set that I haven't played with yet for this release is the Wild stamp set. This stamp set is so cool, and I cannot wait for our next outdoor adventure so I can use it.

And don'e miss out on the Alpha Stickers that have been added to the shop. The little white mini alphas are my fave! I used them a bunch in my mini, must buy more!

I hope you had fun with this release. It sure was a great one.

See you soon,

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a quick layout that I made documenting a recent trip to the Hello Kitty Cafe. This mobile truck travels across the US making stops and cities all over. Its been in my area before but I was never able to make it on the specific day. When I came across an event posting on Facebook and the date worked I knew we had to go. I corralled my friend to join me, we seem to always have a good time at these kinds of pop ups and since it was also her daughters birthday it totally worked out.

My layout was completely inspired by letter boards, cork boards and push pins. I've seen scrapbook paper and even hand made cards made that looked like letterboards so I thought I would try to make a layout that looked like one for myself.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links below. There is no additional cost to you if you use these links.

The base of the layout was made with just a simple piece of white cardstock. In order to mimic the look of a letter board I scored lines in the cardstock every 1/4". I used a We R Memory Keepers Score Board to create the lines but you can also do this by hand using a scoring tool and a metal ruler. Although the score board really made it easy.

I predetermined the sizes of my photos by laying them out in advance in Photoshop Elements. I love doing this when I'm making layouts because it helps me see it before I start and it also cuts down on wasted photos because I have to print them over and over to get the right size. Since I print at home that's a huge plus.

I cut a boarder from pink cardstock to mimic the frame of a letter board and laid that right on top of the base cardstock. I thought about lifting it with dimensional adhesive but decided not to in the end. I think it could have worked both ways.

I laid out the photos making sure to leave room for some embellishments and of course the main title of the page. Once the photos were placed I used actual pins to bring the dimension of this layout to life. The pins have pearl ends and they are only 3/4" which was great since I really didn't need long pins hanging out on he backside of my layout. I taped the backside down so that they wouldn't poke anyone or pierce thru another layout. Pins like this can be found at most fabric stores. There were at least four other packs of pins that I wanted to buy after seeing all the cute ones they make but I ended up limiting myself to just what I needed instead.

The main products I used to dress up my layout were from the Pebbles, Girl Squad line. I love this line and I adore all of the super girly elements. The products I used on my layout were from the Cardstock Sticker Set and the Ephemera with Foil Accents. I love any embellishment that brings in some shimmer or shine, especially gold accents so I love that these two sets offer up some of that. The flowers, the heart, the little tag all of that shine really pops off the page.

In this image you can really see how the scoing looks and I think it actually does give it a really similar affect to what real letter boards look like.

To title my page I used the thickers from the Pink Paislee Summer Lights Collection. The Holographic Foil alpha stickers are one of the most unique alpha's I've seen in awhile. I love the holographic top but I also really love that the under layer is bright pink. It just adds that additional color pop and an unexpected one at that.

I also added in another floral cluster form the ephemera pack and a little gold label from my stash. I needed to add the date on there somewhere so that seemed to be the best option.

This layout came together really quickly and I always love when that happens. I think the most time consuming part was printing the photos and scoring the lines. This is defianetly a technique I can see myself doing again. I think it would also be a super cute base in a travelers notebook too.

Have a great week, see you soon.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Featuring Kelly Purkey Shop │ August 2017 release

OMG, I cannot believe summer is almost over! What the heck! Its still crazy hot around here, we have several 100°+ days ahead of us so its hard to think about anything but heat but I did manage to get in quite a few scrapping days over the past few weeks which was awesome.

Thankfully the latest shop update over at Kelly Purkey Shop is live and its full of great products that you can use right now to help document your days.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links below. There is no additional cost to you if you use these links.

The first project was made using the main Life Lessons kit. While this spread centers around Back to School, rest assured that if you don't have school age kiddos at home you will still find lots of good things in this kit. This spread features stamps from the kit as well as stamps from the Captured stamp set. I know this one will go quickly so make sure you grab it fast.

I pulled out all of the school appropriate cards that matched my topic and really loved that pop of red the August card gave to the spread.

I played around with an ombre ink pads and love how it looks especially on the more solid stamps as you can see below. The selfie stamp is from the Captured stamp set.

Here is a look at that Captured stamp set, like I said, it won't be around long.

My second project was a spread in my Summer Travelers Notebook and it featured the stamps and papers from the Summer Vacation Travelers Notebook kit. The stamp set for this kit really covered all aspects of summer fun from reading, road trips, water time, lazy days, eating you get the idea.

I used two of the papers as my base and just adhered them down on top of the notebook pages. I recolored one of the main kit journaling cards because I wanted to match the red in the papers. This is fairly easy to do within programs like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements which is what I use.

I used a stamp I had that was the right size to outline some of the summer nights phrases on the left side and I love how that turned out. It brings in some of the black and adds a bit more interest to the background.

I wanted to add more than one photo to the spread so I just layered one on top of the other and used the round sticker as my hinge. I cut a little tab so that it was more obvious there was something underneath and it helped draw interest as well.

One last stamp set I wanted to highlight for you is the Perry Alpha stamp. Its a super fun and unique set as you can see below. 

I hope you enjoyed the shop release, happy scrapping!

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